After the success of ICIMaC2017, the Communication Program and New Media Communication Program USIM will organize the 2nd International Conference on Islam, Media and Communication (#ICIMaC2019). The ICIMaC2019 aims to provide an open space and platform for academicians, researchers, postgraduate students, media practitioners, government agencies and NGOs interested in the field of Islamic research, media and communication. Participants have the opportunity to discuss and seek solutions to the problems faced by Muslims in the East and West.

With the theme of ‘Communication, Media and the Clash of Ignorance’, this conference is organized in conjunction with events over the last two decades, as Edward Said, Bernard Lewis, Francis Fukuyama and Samuel Huntington trying to convey the hypothesis of a massive split amongst human beings, in which conflicts between Islam and the West is the most important concern. Said argued that the “clash of ignorance” where labels like “Islam” and “Western” serve only to confuse us about profane reality.

Moreover, in the Trump administration era, discourses and paradigms have continued to grow with the increasing hate speech, crime and discrimination addressed not only aimed at Arabs and Muslims, but also minorities like the Mexicans and Asians.

Therefore, the 2nd ICIMaC 2019 aims to unify academic researchers, practitioners and public policy to present and discuss current issue and research that observe how the media presents and builds stereotypes in the “East” vs. “Western” sections. This conference will also be a platform in discussing the role of the media to highlight a genuine dialogue and the dissolution of fixed and reified categories such as ‘Occident’ and ‘Orient’.